Welcome to Olivia Löw’s world of exquisite jewelry.

The splendor of Her original creations are inspired by magnificent gems, fused with her bold style and imagination.

The Designer

Olivia Löw , a Belgian-born jewelry designer, was born into the world of diamonds, a world in which her family has been in business for three generations. Her love and passion for refined designs using the utmost in quality precious stones make her creations imaginatively unique.

Olivia trained for three years at the finest jewelry and diamond workshop in Antwerp, Belgium, where she mastered the long and intricate process of fine jewelry making. Having completed her apprenticeship in Antwerp,Olivia traveled to the colorful city of Valencia, Spain to advance her skills in professional jewelry drawing. Shortly thereafter, she lived and worked in Paris and then Herzlia, Israel for several years.

Upon returning to Brussels, she continued to travel the world gathering a wealth of knowledge and an intimate “feel” about the marvels of the jewelry industry. With the enriching experience she has gained, Olivia Löw designs her collection with the passion and talent required to introduce new and surprising collections for every season. Her well-established business thrives on her excellent reputation for exclusivity of design and premium quality jewelry – a result of the inspiration she gets through life and experience.

Creating the difference between something that just shines and something that really sparkles is my passion.
Olivia Low,

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